“Suri….soft as cashmere…..shiny like silk…..warm as wool….yet without the itch”

Firecracker, a 3 year old male

Welcome to Heartsease Alpacas, where we specialize in Suri alpaca wares, including wool, alpaca fur products, and a genuine farm experience! We own a total of around 14 alpacas, all of them the Suri variety.

These alpacas are known as one of two alpaca varieties originating from South America – the Huacaya and the Suri. However, the rarer Suri alpaca is the one with valuable wool, wool that can be used to make many different products. Some examples are wool thread, cloth, and clothing items, along with novelty items such as alpaca stuffed animals and toys.

Here at Heartsea Alpacas, we are proud to offer not only a selection of fine products but an opportunity to come and see the weaving in progress. We weave our own Suri alpaca fibers, and only use the fibers that we shear from our own animals. Stop in today and see what our farm has to offer!